The general public will have a chance to form the UK's space policy, said Lord Sainsbury, the minister of science and innovation at the show yesterday (Wednesday).

Lord Sainsbury set a challenge for the UK to become the most developed user of space-based systems in Europe and directed the British National Space Centre to develop a suitable strategy.

The draft policy document would be made available and comments on it invited from every interested sector, including the public, Sainsbury said.

He has three main goals: to enable the UK to become a world class centre for space and environmental science and a sought-after international partner; to become a leading user of space systems throughout the economy; and to become a foremost developer of leading-edge-based system.

The turnover of the UK's space industry has increased 17% to £2.9 billion in a year – 80% of that turnover is in telecommunications and broadcasting – with a 14% increase in space-related employment.

"The value-added sector needs to be exploited," said Sainsbury.

Source: Flight Daily News