Saudi Arabian start-up Sama is seeking another four Boeing 737-300s by year-end, giving it a fleet of eight aircraft within nine months of launching low-cost services on 18 March and is now operating two 148-seat 737-300s on five domestic routes. In an interview with sister publication Airline Business, Sama chef executive Andrew Cowen says the carrier will have four aircraft in service by the end of April and he is looking to sign leases on another four 737-300s this year.

Cowen says Sama's business plan envisions 35 737s by 2010 but for now Sama intends to stick with older-generation aircraft. "The problem is the Boeing narrowbody line is booked solid until 2012," Cowen says.

Sama hopes to win authority to launch international services around mid-2008. Cowen says before the Saudi government awards Sama international routes it must begin "social obligation" services to rural desert towns. It plans to begin these government- required routes in November.

Sama 737 
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Sama will continue to add older-generation 737s for its near term growth due to the lack of slots for new aircraft


Source: Flight International