12 Fairfax Close Stableton Bristol BS12 5RT

Kenneth Brown Molson plc 14-24 Cable Street Bristol BS2 4RT

25 July 1998

Dear Mr Brown

Yesterday's Evening Post reported that you are expanding your sales and servicing activities. It occurred to me that you might need additional staff for your new branches. I am currently looking for opportunities to make use of my direct experience of working in a service centre and would therefore be extremely interested in any potential vacancies.

Over the past ten years I have worked in customer services initially in retail and most recently for a major plc. This work has included: taking bookings from customers and organising job schedules for service engineers in a service centre; training and supervising a team of three; setting up and running a customer complaints service; handling customer account queries.

Full details of my track record are contained in my CV which I have enclosed. I will phone next week to establish whether a meeting would be appropriate. I would very much like to discuss any potential opening with you.

Yours sincerely Sally Jones


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Source: Flight International