Luxury services provider SAPO International is adding two more aircraft to its private charter airline fleet, which is set to begin operations early next year.

Athens-based SAPO has acquired an ex-Emirates Airbus A310-300 and plans to acquire a third Airbus A319 Corporate Jetliner, bringing its total fleet to four aircraft by late 2002 (Flight International, 11-17 April).

SAPO specialises in "personalised and exclusive services" including air transport, limousine and accommodation for its expanding client base of more than 12,000, which is mainly based in the Middle East.

The privately owned company recently clinched two contracts from European and African governments for heads-of-state transport, each of up to 150h a year. Chief executive Georges Samaha says: "We believe there is a huge international market for luxury services, particularly in the USA, and we plan to establish bases across the region."

Source: Flight International