Scandinavian Airlines' (SAS) wireless broadband internet service SAS Net Access, which is provided by Connexion by Boeing, will be available on its entire long-haul fleet by March, writes Rob Coppinger.

SAS has 11 long-haul aircraft - four Airbus A330-300s and seven A340-300s. The service is already available on two A340-300s, which are not fixed to specific routes, and will be on offer from mid-February on flights to Bangkok, Beijing, Seattle, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. All A330/A340s will be equipped with Net Access by March.

To use Net Access, passengers will have to be pre-registered with the Connexion website and have selected a method of payment, which can be made with most credit cards.

The service allows access to a passenger's company intranet via a virtual private network. The Net Access service costs $29.95 for an entire flight or $9.95 for 30min with every additional minute costing ¢25. In business class and SAS's new economy flex class PC power outlets are available.

Source: Flight International