AgustaWestland has delivered five A109 Power helicopters to Saudi Aramco as part of a seven-aircraft order. The first aircraft was received in Saudi Arabia in the run-up to Dubai following earlier acceptance and pilot training in the USA.


The utility configured aircraft is part of a large fleet that supports oil field drilling, exploration, security, production and will also provide VIP and medical evacuation transport activities in the Eastern provinces of Saudi Arabia and throughout the Arabian Gulf.
The aircraft were customised and completed at AgustaWestland’s Philadelphia facility in the United States.
They are equipped with the MaxViz EVS1000 Enhanced Vision System that increases safety during low visibility operations by displaying in the cockpit an enhanced outside view for the pilot using infrared technology.
The installation on the A109 Power is the only one in the world on a helicopter that is approved for use during taxiing operations.

Source: Flight Daily News