Saudi Arabia's civil aviation administration believes a failure to follow safety procedures during the disassembly of a Lockheed L-1011 aircraft resulted in an explosion which killed four workers.

The accident occurred on 23 August at Taif, near Mecca in the southwest of the country.

Saudi Arabia's General Authority for Civil Aviation, cited by the kingdom's official news agency, claims the workers were using an electrical saw to separate wing components on the L-1011, but had not drained residual fuel from the tanks.

The administration identifies shipping management firm Regency Projects, which is registered in the UK, as the company overseeing the work.

Regency Projects' aviation division has a batch of ex-Saudi Arabian L-1011 aircraft stored at Taif which it uses as a pool for spares. The company was not able to comment immediately on the accident or the Saudi authority's statements.


Source: Flight International