Canada geese are handsome creatures and most aviation people have no wish to harm a feather on their heads. But these big birds can be a flight-safety hazard if they decide to frequent airfields, and over the years a lot of effort has gone into humanely scaring them away.

British company Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems (Hall 4, E12) is here to show the work it's doing on advanced ways of keeping geese and aircraft apart.


Scarecrow has launched a programme to simulate the distress call of the Canada goose, aiming to come up with an alternative to shooting and pyrotechnics. "This new project is an attempt to obtain a call of practical use against Canada geese," says Nigel Horton of Scarecrow subcontractor NH Bird Management. "I'm pleased to say that at this stage there's every sign of success."

Scarecrow's product range comprises hand-held and vehicle-based acoustic systems for use by operatives on the ground. "We think that systems operated remotely from the control tower or elsewhere are expensive and potentially dangerous," says chief executive Tony Walker.


Source: Flight Daily News