US non-textile flooring (NTF) manufacturer Schneller is introducing a special selection of new regionally-inspired patterns, as well as launching three new flooring types at the show. Matthew Miklos, vice-president, transportation products of Ohio-based company, says: “We decided to be proactive and bring ideas here. Although you will see designs in certain colours, customers can take the artwork and choose different colour schemes.”

The company commissioned Baltimore outfit Shaw-Jelveh to create a series of new designs derived from traditional indigenous patterns from China, India and the Middle East. The concepts feature Chinese porcelain, ancient paisley and Islamic geometric shapes, which have been hand drawn, deconstructed and manipulated before being digitised and put into repeats for laminates and floor coverings.

Miklos says: “The aim is to crate patterns that maintain the essence of the originals, but do not look like copies.” The laminates are intended for use on bulkheads and lounges and will be complemented by coordinating smaller scale designs for more extensive areas.

AerFusion melds a decorative non-slip surface with a composite backing, preventing telegraphing, (where the material takes on the shape of imperfections underneath it) as well as reducing weight and costs. The high-performance flooring is available in a range of colours, textures and prints. Miklos adds: “Airbus has selected us as a preferred supplier and we are in their new NTF selection brochure for the A380 seller furnished equipment guide.”

matthew miklos

Following current trends in aircraft interiors, the company has designed flooring based on natural finishes, such as wood and stone. Drawing on the latest imaging and printing technologies, its ‘True-to-Nature’ finishes are derived from woodgrains, marble, bamboo and cork patterns. The technology behind the laminate ensures it is robust enough to withstand staining and abrasion in its typical use in lavatories. Schneller has also introduced a new flooring gallery on its website. Aimed at designers, visitors can check out the company’s entire product offering range and incorporate them into cabin specifications.

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Source: Flight Daily News