Seabird Aviation Jordan and the Royal Jordanian Air Academy have signed a memorandum of understanding nominating each other as preferred suppliers for a number of complementary services.

Seabird will source a range of training, maintenance and support services from the academy. At the same time, the academy will initially acquire four Seeker SB7L-360 low-level observation aircraft to allow it to offer training in low-level flight and surveillance skills appropriate to commercial and security programmes.

The Royal Jordanian Air Academy, in its 38 years of operation, has trained over 1,500 pilots and 300 technicians.

The academy's decision to purchase four Seeker aircraft brings to 20 the number of firm orders received by Seabird Aviation Jordan so far, with 78 more under consideration from potential customers in the Middle East and Africa. Among them is the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq which is interested in the Seeker for oil pipeline security patrols. The first demonstrator aircraft began flight operations from Marka airport in Amman in October.

Source: Flight International