A company that has developed a new design of seat that improves comfort and blood flow by encouraging the body to adopt its natural posture is in discussions to introduce the technology into the airline industry.

Anglo-US company NuBax has patented a new design of seat cushion that provides an optimal seating posture. It is being proposed for automotive, aviation and office/school seating and was launched last week with its first commercial application, as a standard fit on the 2006 Lotus Elise sports car.

“We have a prototype airline seat and are in discussions with airlines and the seat foam manufacturers about applying the technology to the aviation industry,” says NuBax head of product Hayley Morgan.

The company is closely guarding the detail of its patented design, but Morgan explains that the basic principle of the concept is “a seat cushion design that incorporates chevrons that tilt the pelvis and support the body’s ‘sit bones’, allowing the spine to stack in its natural posture”.

The benefit for the airline industry would be the potential reduction in exposure to deep-vein thrombosis, says leading cardiovascular surgeon  Dr. Jon Senkowsky: “The technology has demonstrated a significant improvement in lower limb blood flow,” he says.

Source: Flight International