Continuing fears about deep-vein thrombosis among air travellers has prompted the development of a new seat cushion designed to combat the factors leading to the potentially deadly condition.

The NuBax cushion, created by Goodrich Corporation and NuBax Vertical Innovations, is designed to improve posture and distribute the passenger¹s weight over a wider area. The manufacturers claim that it is more comfortable than conventional seats and offers a range of health benefits.

NuBax founder Donna Jackson designed the seat in consultation with doctors. "The development of this product took around a year," she says. "By improving the posture of the passenger we reduce the pressure on deep veins in the lower extremities which is thought to contribute to deep-vein thrombosis." Multi-density foam is contoured and placed within the seat to reduce pressure on the body by up to 50%. The adjustable foam design can be tailored to fit any aircraft seat.

The seat supports the natural curve of the spine and tilts the pelvis, removing stress from the tailbone and allowing tendons and ligaments to support the spine properly. It also provides isolation from vibrations that can contribute to lower back pain.

Source: Flight Daily News