Gobosh Aviation unveiled its 800XP Luxury Sport Aircraft at the US Sport Aviation show in Sebring joining the company's aluminum 700S in its LSA line-up.

"The nature of a sleek all-composite fuselage mated to high-performance laminar flow wing results in an aerodynamically efficient, responsive and fast airframe," says vice-president Dave Graham.

The 800XP was largely designed by Mirek and Petr Kabrt. "The 'X' is a Gobosh designation for an all-glass cockpit, with the Dynon EFIS-D100 (electronic flight information system) supported by select Garmin components. The 'P' refers to the airframe parachute system they call its GO-SAFE System (Gobosh - strategic alternative For emergencies).

Gobosh 800XP

The aircraft reaches a ceiling of 13,200ft (4,030m) and a range of 1,350km/h (730nm), carrying a useful load of 250kg (560lb) behind a Rotax 912 ULS engine.

Initially the 800XP is being offered in the Elite and Elite+ configurations that are also offered on the Gobosh 700S. The starting price is $123,700. Qualified pilots may use the 800XP Elite Edition capabilities to fly day or night VFR. The top of the line 800XP Elite+ Edition offers leather seats, a Garmin 396 with XMWX capabilities and Bose headset jacks.

Both the new model and the 700S are manufactured in the Czech Republic by Aveko, a manufacturing conglomerate producing a variety of industrial and aerospace products ranging from servo motors and composite subassemblies to unmanned air vehicles.

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Source: Flight International