SeaMax broke the continental barrier at the US Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring when it became the first Brazilian-made light sport aircraft for sale in the USA.

It shares the title with the Paradise P-1, which was also introduced at the Sebring event, but the similarities end there.

The SeaMax is meant as much for manoeuvres in water as in flight, with a retractable water rudder sliding in and out of its waterproof fuselage. Its designers boast that "the biggest flight envelope is the amphibious category", with "a cruising speed of 115mph [100kt] and stall speed of 36mph."

Its empty weight is 340kg (750lb), but loaded it reaches the LSA limit of 600kg. In the air its Rotax 912 ULS pulls it to a 180km/h cruise.

On the water it manages a fast take-off, with a climb to the "step" in the first 30m (98ft), followed by acceleration and take off within 100m, or 150m at full weight. During landing with full flaps the aircraft approaches at 80km/h.

The introductory price is $127,000. Regular price is $137,000.

The light seaplane is distributed by SeaMAX USA and manufactured in Brazil by Airmax, which is partly owned by the Omni group.

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