A light sport aircraft (LSA) version of the Dynamic WT9 is now the third LSA offered by US distributor Sport Aircraft Works.

Previously, the retractable-gear aircraft was only available as a kit. But Slovak designer Aerospool Spol SRO decided to cut weight and pursue US special light sport aircraft certification at 550kg (1,210lb), made possible by a progressive construction design and advanced materials such as sandwich shells and carbon composites.

At the start of the year, the two-seater earned approval as a SLSA. The company is keen to point out that the Dynamic SLSA is not just a slowed version of the retract model. "With new winglets, its slow speed envelope is even more impressive," says Sport Aircraft Works. The winglets increase the force reduction in aileron control and increase directional responses about the roll axis.

Its useful load is 300kg. An 80hp (60kW) Rotax 912 ULS carries the new aircraft at 1,200ft/min (370m/min) to an 18,000ft ceiling. The cabin was desiged to be roomy, at 1,150mm (45in) wide.

The Dynamic is one of only a few types in the LSA category that gives customers the option of choosing from two versions, fixed (LSA) or hydraulic retractable (non-LSA) landing gear.

Ground transport by trailer can be ready in 15min, Sport Aircraft Works says. "The wings detach from the centre section with two large steel pins, similar to glider wing attachment. The wings are very light and the fuel stays in the stub wings for easy transport."

The original Dynamic is one of the earliest manufactured LSAs. To date, more than 250 aircraft have been sold worldwide.

The LSA version joins Sport Aircraft Works line-up of Czech Aircraft Works products: the Mermaid amphibian LSA and low wing SportCruiser LSA.

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Source: FlightGlobal.com