The new Sting S3 from TL Ultralights joins a strong line-up that has the Czech manufacturer in the top seven for sales in the crowded US light sport aircraft market.

TL has delivered around 55 of its Sting Sport and Star Sport LSAs to date and the new S3 aims to extend that 5% share with a lower stall speed, shorter take-off roll, faster climb rate and extremely slow flight characteristics.

The low-wing aircraft and its 98% carbon fibre construction achieve those traits with a new fully tapered wing and redesigned elevator trim. The clean stall speed is 70km/h (40kt), and it stalls at 60km/h with full flaps.

The 100hp (75kW) Rotax 912S climbs the two-seater at 1,100ft/min (340m/min to a cruise speed of 210km.

The standard package includes a GreenLine EMS and airframe parachute for $102,900. Adding an advanced analogue panel or the Dynon EFIS D100, Garmin 496 with weather, SL40 radio, GTX327 transponder, PCAS collision avoidance, plus night lighting and S3 brings the price to $123,500.

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