X-Air intends its new X-Air LS to sell well as a low-cost entry-level trainer. The $46,900 aircraft, which made its debut at the US Sport Aviation show in Sebring, Florida, is said by its developer to the most affordable light sport aircraft available.

The X-Air microlight has proven its reliability in that market, and the company founder and designer hopes to add to the legacy set by the 1,000 delivered standard and F Model aircraft with the new LS.

The three-axis X-Air LS is powered by an 85hp (63kW) Jabiru 2200 engine, supported by a lightweight tubing structure, with a high-strength cloth outer covering. "Complete with flaps, the LS will slow to 39mph [34kt] for an easy approach to a soft landing," the company says. X-Air defines LSA as "a light aircraft that meets the intent of manned, powered flight through superior handling and ease of operation leaving the user with a smile on their face".

An ICom radio is included as standard equipment, as are a Dynon engine monitor and basic flight instrumentation. Future options will be the Dynon electronic flight information system and Garmin 496, in addition to extended fuel capability and speed fairings.

First deliveries are expected by April. The new X-Air LS has not yet proven compliance with ASTM standards

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Source: FlightGlobal.com