Kyrgyzstan’s government believes both flight recorders have finally been recovered from the crashed Turkish-operated Boeing 747-400F at Bishkek.

One recorder had been located on 17 January. But the government admitted that a previous finding a day earlier – initially thought to have been another recorder – had turned out to be a misidentified piece of equipment.

The government states, however, that the second flight recorder was located on 18 January at the crash site west of Manas airport.

Both flight recorders will be sent to Moscow for data download and analysis by the Russian Interstate Aviation Committee, it adds.

None of the four crew members of the ACT Airlines freighter survived the 16 January crash, which also resulted in over 30 fatalities in a residential area about 1km from the airport.

This distance might indicate that the aircraft had been attempting a go-around following the approach to runway 26, which had been conducted in low visibility, but the inquiry has yet to confirm the circumstances of the accident.

Source: Cirium Dashboard