Eclipse Aviation is again turning to eBay to sell an early-position Eclipse 500 very light jet, following a successful online auction of aircraft number 38 in September.

During an 11-day window that started on 19 November, the jet maker intends to sell serial number 82, an LX version of the twinjet with Part 135 accoutrements, ready for customer pick-up in December.

Eclipse 500

Eclipse says the aircraft retails at $1.84 million, although bidding will start at 95% of its "invoice price." The first eBay Eclipse was purchased for more than $1.83 million by Morten Wagner, a private pilot from Denmark.

Those in a hurry to buy an Eclipse 500 need not pay the $5,000 refundable deposit to enter Eclipse's private auction, however: as of 20 November, eBay was listing a Part 135 Eclipse 500 for sale on its public site for just under $2 million.

The seller, an automobile dealership in Akron, Ohio, says the aircraft number 69 was delivered in November and has 14h of flight time.

Aircraft are also available on the secondary market at similar prices. Eclipse 500 reseller, Single-Pilot Jet Management, on 20 November had three Eclipse 500s available, priced between $1.75 million and $1.85 million.

Eclipse says the eBay auction winner will have to return the aircraft to the factory at a later date for the Avio NG avionics upgrade. Vern Raburn, Eclipse chief executive says Avio NG is in "final certification" tests now and that first equipped VLJ will be delivered in early December".