"November 501 Golf Victor, cleared to land runway 12."

A pilot needs maximum concentration, especially at critical moments in the flight. The instructions of the controller should sound loud and clear in his ear. But noise can be a problem and reduces concentration.

The noise levels in a modern aircraft are around 80db during flight and even higher during take-off and landing. That's when the pilot's concentration needs to be at its best. Noise reduction and reliable communications in the cockpit are Sennheiser's business. The German manufacturer of headphones, for airline personnel and passengers is exhibiting its wares ­ quietly ­ at E201.

Sennheiser, with a pedigree dating back to 1945, will celebrate two decades in the aviation market next year. It first supplied boomsets to Lufthansa cabin crew in 1980. Since 1984 it has been producing active noise cancellation systems designed to reduce fatigue and stress from cockpit noise. It introduced the NoiseGard range in 1987.

Sennheiser also produces equipment for the music and entertainment industries and in 1996 picked up an Emmy award for its development in broadcast wireless microphone technology.

Along with the latest NoiseGard products for in-flight entertainment, Sennheiser is showing a comprehensive range of headsets for airline, helicopter and small aircraft crews at Dubai 2000.

Source: Flight Daily News