Airlines can start shedding much of the paper needed in operations, thanks to Jeppesen's e-Link (Hall 3, A5) which gives them access to charts, NOTAMs and data electronically via the Internet.

Jeppesen has 10 customers now live on its e-Link chart and data delivery system, making it the leading digital information integrator.

First operational in 2002, e-Link's use is expected to accelerate in the coming 3-5 years.

Airlines are using e-Link to reduce costs and improve efficiency within the ground-based segments of their operation, such as dispatch and training.

The list of carriers relying on e-Link includes Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, FedEx, Air China, Olympic Airways and RyanAir.

More than 40 other airlines, including Turkish Airlines which recently finalised an e-Link agreement, are at various stages of adopting the system.

Source: Flight Daily News