China's Shenzhen Airlines has signed an order to retrofit STG's SafTGlo photoluminescent (PL) floorpath marking systems for its fleet of Boeing 737-700 aircraft. The airline is also specifying SafTGlo products on new deliveries from Boeing.

STG's PL systems ‘store' and simultaneously emit light, giving highly visible emergency exit guidance for up to 12h in darkness, after a short period of ‘charging' with normal cabin lighting.


Alex Muir, sales director, STG Aerospace says: "This is another breakthrough sale for us into the fast-growing Chinese airline sector. Our customers recognise that SafTGlo products deliver 100% reliable performance and a return on investment measured in months."

Boeing has also introduced new approved charging cycles for the PL systems, which has reduced the approved charging cycles by more than 50%. STG Aerospace has worked with Boeing and with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to develop and secure approval for the new procedures, which can be adopted by certain aircraft already in service as well as all new aircraft.

Under certain conditions of normal cabin lighting, charging times of just five minutes will now deliver more than 4h of exit path guidance in total darkness, or 16h operation after 45 minutes charging.

Source: Flight Daily News