System will allow rapid creation and updating of visual databases for mission rehearsal

Evans & Sutherland (E&S) has raised the stakes in the military visual simulation market with the unveiling of its EPX-5000 high-performance image generator allowing rapid creation and updating of visual databases for mission rehearsal.

The EPX series builds on the Environment Processor (EP) software developed for E&S's EP-1000CT commercial simulator visual to allow rapid updating of airport databases.

Rather than running pre-compiled databases, the EPX-5000 builds the scene in real time, says Dave Figgins, vice-president sales. The system has a built-in whole-Earth database into which users can insert higher-fidelity models of specific areas. The database can be changed in real time based on intelligence data or damage assessments, inserting destroyed buildings, for example.

The new range includes the low-end EPX-50 using consumer graphics and mid-range EPX-500 based on E&S's SimFusion PC image generator. The EPX-5000 uses the same hardware as the EP-1000CT and high-end military Harmony 2, which combines PC and special-purpose technology. Harmony 1 users will be able to upgrade to Harmony 2 hardware, then to EPX software, says Figgins.

CAE, meanwhile, is working to integrate its Medallion-S high-performance PC image generator with the Topscene mission-rehearsal visual system developed by Lockheed Martin for US Army special operations. Medallion-S will be able to convert the high-resolution Topscene databases in real time.

The US Army plans to upgrade existing Boeing MH-47 and Sikorsky MH-60 simulators with Medallion-S/Topscene for both training and mission rehearsal. CAE is negotiating to build new MH-47 and MH-60 simulators with the same visuals and is in talks with Lockheed Martin about offering the combined system to upgrade US Air Force special operations simulators.

L-3 Communications' Link division is installing its SimuView PC image generator on US Navy Boeing F/A-18 dome simulators using new laser projectors and US Air Force Lockheed Martin F-16 trainers using its SimuSphere 360¡ display. The company demonstrated 100¡ x 50¡ field-of-view helmet-mounted display (HMD) for deployable trainers at I/ITSEC.

Quantum3D has won a contract from Boeing for 24 multi-channel Independence PG image generators to equip US Air Force F-15E mission training centres. Boeing has used Quantum3D hardware for USAF F-15C and T-38C trainers as well as Saudi F-15S devices.


Source: Flight International