LUCAS AEROSPACE Communications & Electronics, has been sold to Sierra Technologies, for an undisclosed price.

The sale is part of Lucas Industries' clear out of businesses, considered not vital to its core activities, in the aerospace and automotive markets. Earlier this month, the firm divested the Lucas Engineering & Systems management-consultancy business and the Lucas Management Systems software business.

The combined value of the Communications & Electronics unit's four businesses (Aul, Epsco, Weinschel and Zeta) is about $40 million, says Lucas Industries. The group, which employs about 500 workers, designs and manufactures components and subsystems for microwave and satellite communications and other communications hardware.

Lucas Aul continues to face debarment proceedings under which it could not bid for US Government contracts. The possible debarment evolves from irregularities, in providing subsystems for US Navy McDonnell Douglas F-18 Hornet strike aircraft.

Sierra Technologies, formed in 1991, evolved from LTV's Sierra Research located in Buffalo, New York. The company builds military and civil electronic systems.

Source: Flight International