Sierra Industries, the Uvalde, Texas-based company known for its after-market airframe modifications, has developed an engine package to upgrade Cessna 500 series Citations.

The company has fitted Williams FJ44-2 turbofans in place of the original Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15Ds. As a result, Sierra is offering the FJ44 Eagle II package for $1.5 million. The Williams became standard on the 525 CitationJet, the replacement for the 500 series.

According to Sierra, retrofitting the Williams engines builds on performance gains derived from earlier airframe modifications it has undertaken to the Citations.

The FJ44 engines deliver about 35% higher thrust at all altitudes than the P&WC engine, while also significantly improving range, to more than 3,700km (2,000nm).

The improved engine efficiency gives a maximum cruise speed of 400kt (740km/h), more than 50kt faster than a JT15D Citation. Initial climb rate rises to 4,000ft/min (20.3m/s). The addition of longer tips to each wing, effectively increasing span and aspect ratio, improve overall performance.

Source: Flight International