Sikorsky has flown the first CH-60 fleet combat-support helicopter for the US Navy. The aircraft is a hybrid between the UH-60 Black Hawk transport and SH-60 Seahawk naval helicopters, and combines the UH-60 airframe with the SH-60 dynamic system, blade and tail folding and automatic flight-control system.

The USNavy has a requirement for up to 250 CH-60s for vertical-replenishment, combat search-and-rescue, special-warfare and utility missions. The first aircraft is a demonstrator, modified from a US Army UH-60L using components from a NavySH-60F. A 35h flight-test programme is planned, with a production decision scheduled for late 1997.

An initial 42 CH-60s are included in a multi-year H-60 contract already awarded by the US Department of Defense. Six will be produced in the first year and 18 a year thereafter.

Greece has ordered two more Sikorsky S-70B Seahawk naval helicopters, to join six aircraft which are already operated by the Greek navy.

Source: Flight International