Sikorsky is turning up the heat in the battle to supply the next US presidential helicopter. On the eve of Farnborough, the manufacturer launched the VH-92 All American Tour, which will take the aircraft on a multi-state tour for employee rallies, flight demonstrations and press events.

A crowd, including members of Connecticut's congressional delegation, gathered at the company's Stratford headquarters for the kick-off ceremony. One of the key messages from Sikorsky is that every US president since Eisenhower has flown in a Sikorsky aircraft.

Sikorsky president Steve Finger said: "The security of the President cannot be compromised. We have the team and processes in place to meet this critical requirement. In fact, the VH-92 All-American Team was created to ensure that the data, design, manufacture, assembly and support of the presidential helicopter will always be under US control."

The VXX competition to supply the presidential fleet is a politically charged process, in which Sikorsky is battling the Lockheed Martin-led US101. A final decision is expected after the November's US presidential election.


Source: Flight Daily News