Sikorsky has set itself an ambitious target of doubling its turnover by the end of the decade, president Dean Borgman told a meeting of analysts and investors in London this week.

Borgman says the business has products and services that positioned it for sustained long-term growth: "This goal is aggressive but achievable." He outlined key programmes which he believed would deliver the growth targets and cited several branches of the US military which plan to increase investments this decade.

The US Army's remanufacturing programme to upgrade 1,200 UH-60L Black Hawk helicopters to UH-60M standard is one of the core programmes, alongside the MH-60R and MH-60S revamps for the US Navy.

The USMC's fleet of CH-53E heavy lift helicopters is to be modernised under a service life extension programme (SLEP), while Boeing Sikorsky is continuing its RAH-66 Comanche work.Borgman also noted the strong growth in Sikorsky's worldwide customer service business.

Source: Flight Daily News