A SilkAir Airbus A319-100 aircraft had to perform an emergency evacuation at Solo's Adi Sumarmo airport shortly after landing on 6 March when smoke was spotted coming from its landing gear.

The aircraft, registration 9V-SBH, departed from Singapore at about 10:00 local time.

"After landing, air traffic controllers advised the crew of smoke that had been seen from the main landing gear," an airline spokesman said when contacted.

As a precaution, an emergency evacuation was initiated and slides were deployed. None of the 124 passengers and seven crew suffered any serious injuries.

"Initial inspections found smoke from the wheel brakes, but no evidence of fire," said the spokesman.

He added that while the aircraft has been cleared for operations, it will be undergoing "further engineering inspections" before returning to Singapore. It is not clear when the aircraft will be put back into service.

The airframe was built in 2010 and the aircraft has clocked 468 flight cycles totalling 968 flight hours, according to information in Flightglobal's ACAS database. The aircraft is owned by the airline.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news