From 4 November, SimCom Training Centers is to offer Eclipse Aerospace Eclipse 500 light jet pilot training using a pair of full flight simulators at its Orlando, Florida base.

SimCom, which specialises in training for business and general aviation aircraft, has announced its partnership with Eclipse Aerospace to provide type rating and recurrent training for the light jet. There are 259 Eclipse 500s in the marketplace, says SimCom president and chief executive Wally David, so plenty of pilots will need the training that is on offer.

The training company also offers a suite of advanced training courseware for the type. David says the company specialises in providing pilot training for what he describes as "the upper end of the owner-flown market, and the lower end of the professionally flown sector", which he says is a particularly price-sensitive bracket.

SimCom is structured to provide personalised training, one on one or in very small groups, in which instructors are able "to teach to the customers' weaknesses".

SimCom expects to upgrade the full flight simulators to offer the Avio NG 1.7 avionics suite, autopilot enhancement, GPS WAAS capability, and to fit modifications allowing realistic training for flight into known icing conditions.

Source: Flight International