Simlat has been selected to provide an unmanned air system training centre to the Finnish defence forces, with the deal to support the nation's acquisition of a mini UAS system.

To use equipment including high-fidelity training devices, the new centre will provide instruction for operators of the Finnish army's Aeronautics Defense Systems-supplied Orbiter 2 UAS. The nation signed a €23.6 million ($30.6 million) deal to acquire the type in May 2012, with up to 45 aircraft to be included, along with the establishment of an independent operational, training and maintenance capability.

Simlat's training and simulation centre will include advanced simulator stations, as well as a 3D modelling and scenario creating capability, which will enable Finland to develop its own training programme for new and experienced operators and instructors. The company says the equipment will provide a realistic environment for initial and currency training, as well as mission rehearsal.

The 3m (9.8ft) wingspan Orbiter 2 carries an advanced electro-optical sensor payload, and has a fully digital datalink. It will be used to perform surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance tasks for the Finnish army.

Source: Flight International