Sabena Flight Academy - Development has bought 33% of its shares back from Canadian simulator giant CAE, which had acquired them in June 2008 as part of its takeover of Sabena Flight Academy, Brussels.

SFA-D has appointed Jacques Waldeyer as its new chief executive. Waldeyer, a retired air force pilot, was former executive vice-president of Sabena Airlines and president of Sabena Flight Academy.

Waldeyer says the now completely independent SFA-D will continue to promote Lm², a simulator motion system modifying device that transforms the way full-flight simulators transmit feelings of acceleration to the pilot trainees, enabling simulation to be used effectively for fine handling training rather than only for procedures.

Waldeyer says: "Flight simulators need to improve their flight handling fidelity and SFA-D can offer this. Flight safety will be improved if we fill in the gap between real and simulated flight handling."

He says Lm² is a part of the solution to the increasing number of loss of control accidents, and it is applicable to both civil and military large aircraft as well as large helicopters.

Source: Flight International