Japan Airlines (JAL) is playing down a report that it is considering ordering Airbus A350s as a result of delays to the Boeing 787 programme.

A spokesman for the Oneworld alliance carrier tells ATI: “It is normal practice for us to carefully examine all new aircraft on the market and in the pipeline. As with all other new aircraft models, we have been examining the A350 project.

“In terms of introducing this aircraft to our fleet, we think it could be a potential candidate but currently we have no plans to purchase this aircraft.”

JAL has 35 787s on firm order with options for 20 more, and a newswire report today quoted unidentified sources at the airline as saying the A350 was being looked at as a result of 787 delivery delays.

The spokesman says, however, that “nothing has changed in terms of our decision to buy the 787”, adding: “We are eager to receive this super-advanced, super-efficient environmentally-friendly aircraft as soon as possible.”

JAL is a loyal Boeing customer that has never ordered aircraft from Airbus. Its first 787 was originally due for delivery in September this year but delays in the programme have pushed this back. It says it has yet to get a new delivery schedule from Boeing.

Source: flightglobal.com's sister premium news site Air Transport Intelligence news

Source: FlightGlobal.com