Boeing Training & Flight Services is looking to establish a simulator training centre in the Middle East next year.

This is one area that is still missing, says Boeing chief customer officer T&FS commercial aviation services, Roei Ganzarski, referring to the fact T&FS has simulator training centres in every major region in the world with the exception of the Middle East.

The growth of Middle East carriers is fuelling demand for simulator training, says Ganzarski, adding that T&FS aims to have a simulator training centre in the region within the next 18 months.

He confirms that T&FS is speaking to some of the Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds about investing in the business.

Some Middle Eastern wealth funds such as Abu Dhabi's Mubadala have said publicly they want to attract aerospace companies to the region and, in some cases, are willing to invest in expensive aerospace equipment.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news