Boeing has yet to decide when its Boeing P-8 will be ready to move to the US Navy's Patuxent River test facility, despite an earlier statement.

The US aircraft-maker's director of business development for airborne battle management, Tim Norgart, said at the Singapore air show the flight will take place in six months.

But Boeing says today that "the date for the transition to Pax has not been set".

It "will be done according to US Navy's schedule", it says, without elaborating.

Boeing announced sometime ago that the P-8 would be delivered to Patuxent River in September 2009 and then later disclosed it was aiming for the ferry flight to happen in this year's first quarter.

The P-8 is a multi-mission maritime aircraft. The US Navy has ordered 117 and Boeing is also working to deliver the P-8 to India.

Source: Flight International