Brazilian manufacturer Embraer has announced delivering the 100th Phenom executive jet on 29 January, a landmark achievement for the one-year-old production line yet indicative of a delivery shortfall last year.

In its first full year of production, Embraer planned to deliver at least 110 Phenom jets, which includes the two-passenger Phenom 100 and four-passenger Phenom 300.

FlairJet Embraer Phenom 100 
 Embraer Phenom 100

In fact, Embraer's deliveries last year totalled 98, including only one Phenom 300, says Luis Carlos Affonso, executive vice-president for executive jets.

Embraer has not yet provided specific guidance on delivery expectations for all of its jets in 2010. But Affonso, speaking at the Singapore Airshow, says he expects delivery volumes this year to be similar to 2009.

Embraer set an ambitious goal for the Phenom family production ramp-up. Even as Embraer worked to open a new production facility in late 2008, the business jet market entered a downward spiral.

More recent market trends offer signs that conditions are improving, with the number of used aircraft for sale declining and economists predicting general economic growth recovering after 2011, says Jose Eduardo Costas, Embraer's vice-president for sales and marketing in the Asia-Pacific region.

With a forecast anticipating the Asia-Pacific market will buy about 1,000 Embraer executive jets over the next 10 years, the airframer has already started building up resources to support demand.

Embraer announced adding two authorised sales representatives in the region. Raco Trading Phils will market Embraer jets in the Phillipines, and Premiair will perform the same service in Indonesia, Embraer says.

Embraer also named ExecuJet Australia as its exclusive authorised service center for executive jets in Australia.

Source: Flight International