General Electric has started ice testing of the GEnx-2B engine powering the Boeing 747-8.

"The icing test on the GEnx-2B will simulate the complete range of icing cloud and ground fog conditions the engine could encounter in operation," says Tom Brisken, general manager of the GEnx programme.

GE is performing the icing tests at its facility in Mirabel, Quebec, and says running the icing demonstration is the final certification test for the engine programme.

The GEnx-2B has accumulated more than 2,400h in its certification testing and completed more than 4,000 cycles.

In January GE completed the second round of flight tests for the GEnx-2B onboard its 747 flying testbed, and in total the engine has completed 53 flights and 275 flight hours.

The GEnx-2B is the successor to the GE CF6 engine, and is based on the GE90's architecture. The 747-8's engine also shares a common core and 80% of the line-replaceable units with the GEnx-1B powering the 787.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news