Dassault has chosen Hawker Pacific to provide product support for Asia-based customers of the Dassault Falcon 7X aircraft.

The aircraft is expected to enter into service later this month in India, and Hawker Pacific will provide full front line technical support to the Falcon 7X, it says.

"Hawker Pacific's Singapore service centre now carries Dassault Falcon jet accreditation to perform major inspections across multiple models and holds a strategic inventory valued at over $1.5 million on site to support the complete range of Dassault Falcon's rapidly growing fleet around the Asia Pacific and wider region," says John Riggir, senior vice president, Hawker Pacific Asia.

Hawker Pacific will also assist Dassault in introducing the aircraft into China in the second quarter of this year, through its upcoming joint venture Shanghai Hawker Pacific.

The Falcon 7X is expected to be delivered in China in March, April and June. Further deliveries of the aircraft in Malaysia and Singapore are expected later this year, says Hawker Pacific.

Source: Flight International