Flight International online news 09:00GMT: Singapore’s Government is to run its own biennial airshow from 2008 after talks with the existing operators of Asian Aerospace on the development of a new venue reportedly failed.


The Economic Development Board (EDB) says in a statement that a new company, Changi International Airshow & Events, will operate "Changi International Airshow" from February 2008.

It is expected to replace the existing Asian Aerospace show, which is held every two years and which is run by government-controlled Singapore Technologies Engineering as well as Reed Exhibitions, which is a sister company to ATI.

The EDB says the new company is a joint venture between the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and the Defence Science & Technology Agency.

At the last Asian Aerospace show in February 2004 the organisers said the February 2006 show would be the last to be held at the current site near Singapore’s Changi airport. They said a new dedicated venue would be established at an area called Changi North.

The EDB says in its statement, however, that no agreement could be reached between it and the organisers of Asian Aerospace "for the development of this new site".

"The Government had earlier announced its intention to invest in and construct a new special-purpose venue dedicated to a world-class airshow in Singapore," it says.

"One of the key conditions was for the airshow to be a long term feature in Singapore, with both the show organiser and Government finding it economically viable. However no agreement could be reached with the organiser of Asian Aerospace on this.

"EDB therefore welcomes the announcement by Changi International Airshow & Events Pte Ltd to organise the Changi International Airshow in Singapore, beginning February 2008. Changi International Airshow & Events Pte Ltd will invest in and construct a new venue to host a world-class airshow in Singapore."

The new show organisers say in a separate statement that Changi International Airshow & Events will have Lim Chin Beng as its chairman. Lim has long been chairman of Asian Aerospace.

"Plans for the site will boast a purpose-built air-conditioned exhibition hall, adjoining apron space for aircraft static displays, and other supporting facilities to host a world-class event," the new organisers say.

Source: Flight International