Singapore has launched a tender for amphibious-capable control stations to operate its Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) Searcher unmanned air vehicle (UAV).

Sources in Singapore say that IAI's Malat division, Elbit Systems, and EADS, and a Matra Systèmes & Information business unit are bidding. AAI is also thought to have expressed an interest in the tender, but it is unclear whether the US company has submitted a bid.

Singapore purchased its Searchers with conventional ground control stations. It now requires a system that can be mounted on amphibious vehicles - following the Singaporean navy's recent entry of four landing ships into service - which can control a variety of UAVs.

• Singapore's selection of the Aerospatiale Matra Missiles MM40 Exocet (Flight International, 19-26 September) has dealt a severe blow to IAI's plans to develop a new anti-ship missile. IAI's MBT division competed with a new missile provisionally dubbed the B-8. Singaporean sources describe the proposal as "ambitious". Singapore was viewed as a potential launch customer as it was part of the IAI/Rafael team that developed the Barak ship point-defence weapon. IAIis now looking for another launch customer to help fund development of the B-8.

• Israel's Elta is finalising a contract with an unnamed customer to equip a business jet with a version of the company's synthetic aperture radar. The EL/M-2060 is built into a 1,140 litre pod normally carried on a fighter's centreline hardpoint. The executive jet, chosen because of its low acquisition and operating costs, will be equipped with a version of the EL/M-2060P under the aircraft belly.

Source: Flight International