SITA is offering its airport security products and services as a combined package to airlines, airports and governments in an effort to boost airport security and streamline passenger processing after the US terrorist attacks.

The package includes baggage tracking and matching devices, self-service passenger check-in kiosks, and end-to-end security solutions. There is considerable interest in the package, with SITA in discussions with several airports, airlines and governments, says John Jarrell, senior vice-president airport and desktop services.

SITA's integrated baggage solution meets positive passenger bag-match requirements and tracks the bag through the process from airport check-in, explosive detection screening, loading in a container, aircraft loading, transit at intermediate airports to final destination.

The airport connect kiosk product provides self-service passenger check-in at kiosks, including integration with biometric devices for passenger identification. Intelligent border solutions, meanwhile, streamlines passenger processing and improves border security management by providing immigration authorities with passenger data before passengers board the aircraft. Secure connect provides end-to-end managed network security solutions.

SITA is looking at integrating biometric devices with the package, including iris-recognition systems, says Jarrell. "We have the ability to put together a solution that best meets airport/government needs," he says. SITA has been an active participant in the International Air Transport Association's simplifying passenger travel initiative and as part of this, biometrics have been investigated for some time to speed up the passenger process, with the focus since 11 September moving to security.

Source: Flight International