Chinese airlines have detailed the allocation of Boeing 787s from the 60-aircraft deal signed by the Beijing government on 28 January.

Under the agreement - signed in Washington DC by China Aviation Supplies Import and Export Group (CASGC) - six airlines are to be allocated 787s, namely Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Xiamen Airlines.

Although the order breakdown was not provided, the carriers themselves have detailed in stock exchange filings the number of aircraft they have been allocated:

* Beijing-based Air China - 15;

* Shanghai-based China Eastern - 15;

* Guangzhou-based China Southern - 13 (three will be for its subsidiary Xiamen Airlines) ;

* Hainan Airlines - eight;

* Shanghai Airlines - nine (number based on the figures provided by the other carriers, but not confirmed by airline).

State-owned CASGC committed to ordering the new twinjets on behalf of the six airlines through the signing of a "framework agreement" with Boeing and it is now up to the individual carriers to negotiate purchase agreements.

Boeing has said each carrier will take delivery of its first 787 - previously known as the 7E7 - before the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing in August 2008. Industry observers expect most, if not all, to be long-range 223-seat 787-8s. Engine selections have yet to be announced by the airlines.


Source: Flight International