Chelton (Electrostatics) Ltd (Hall 2b, stand J14) is proving that size doesn't matter - it's the power that counts.

The communications specialist group has a fascinating array of antenna and communication devices, including the minute Airborne Tuneable Tactical Antenna.

Company Chairman, Geoff Cooper, explains the advantage of the Chelton group's designs.

"We invented the concept of airborne tuneable tactical antennas," he said. "These are electronically tuned antennas that cover a wide range of frequencies in a very small package.

"We've got our latest designs on show - one of the most interesting of which is the very tiny model which has been selected for the V22 Osprey programme - it's only six and a half inches long.

The Osprey's proximity to the ground meant that a small device with maximum power was essential.

Geoff explained that other ground-breaking antennas were also on show.

"We have a 'high-speed data, high gain antenna' which enables the user on an airborne platform to access the internet and email, or indeed anything that requires a lot of data.

"It communicates from the aircraft to the satellite and back and, although it's not the first antenna to do that, it is the smallest."

Geoff said the device has already drawn a favourable response from some high-profile potential customers.

"It's already caught the attention of Airbus, who we're working with. We hope it's going to be an option on the Airbus A380," he said.

"The really nice thing about this antenna is that it's about a third of the volume of its nearest competitor.

"Even on an Airbus A380 or A340, drag is an important consideration.

"It's really small and low-profile and it happens to be price competitive as well."

Source: Flight Daily News