Greek charter operator Sky Wings in partnership with Ukraine-based Khors Aircompany has upgraded the twin Pratt & Whitney JT8D-200 turbofan engines on one of its two MD-83 aircraft with Aviation Fleet Solution's QuietEagle noise reduction system.

The modification, completed at the MNG Technic facility in Istanbul, includes a 16-lobe internal mixer, a tabbed nozzle and a modified front fan case. Seattle-based AFS, which is licensed by Pratt & Whitney to sell the kits, says the modification is "transparent to the engine maintaining thrust performance and operability levels".

"Sky Wings should begin to see immediate noise surcharge savings that will translate into bottom line savings for their operation," says AFS installation manager Steve Buckbee. AFS says the kits exceed FAA Stage 4 and ICAO Chapter 4 noise requirements.

MD-83 hush©AFS

AFS says Sky Wings and Khors Aircompany have ordered three kits in total. Flight's ACAS database shows that Sky Wings operates 2 MD-83s aircraft and lists Khors as having a total of 12 aircraft, including 3 MD-83s, 6 MD-82s and one DC-9-50.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news