Smiths Aerospace has announced a series of orders to coincide with the start of the show. Potentially by far the largest is its selection by Lockheed Martin to provide the F-35 JSF with standby flight control system and additional weapons control systems.

Delivery of the systems will begin next year and will be designed and manufactured both in the UK and US. The deal is potentially worth more than $450 million over the life of the JSF programme.

Elsewhere, Smiths has been contracted to supply its enhanced flight data recorder (EFDR) for all new production SH-60K Seahawk helicopters destined for the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF). The order represents the first introduction of health usage and monitoring systems (HUMS) into Japan.


The service plans to build 50 SH-60Ks initially, and orders for a further 50 are anticipated. Future retrofit into the 200-plus fleet of existing SH-60J and UH-60Js may follow. Initial contract value is $6 million, potentially rising to more than $30 million.

Still in Japan, Smiths has announced a manufacturing licence agreement with Kanto Aircraft Instrument to supply more than 60 AH-64D Apache combat helicopters of the country's Ground Self Defence Force with the Advanced Electrical Power Management System. Deliveries from Smiths' Cheltenham, UK factory will start this year, with the systems being assembled and tested by Kento in Fujisawa.

Another AH-64D customer, the Egyptian Air Force, has contracted Smiths to provide its Modular Mission Support System for 35 machines. Included in the programme is Apache mission planning software and hardware, multiple site construction and preparation, training and maintenance. Deliveries will take place in 2004-5. No value has been announced for the order.

Source: Flight Daily News