Aviation security is likely to be one of the hottest issues debated at Asian Aerospace 2002 and Smiths Aerospace is one of the companies here at Changi planning to make its mark in the field.

Among the detection and protection systems Smiths will be showcasing this week is the Sentinel walk-through explosives detection portal, designed to help combat increasing security concerns around the world in the wake of last September's terrorist attacks in the United States.

The Sentinel allows non-invasive passenger screening for the presence of explosives and was developed by Smiths Detection & Protection - Barringer.

Having announced another firm airline order for its Ionscan trace detection system for explosives and chemical warfare agents on the eve of the show (see separate story), Smiths now has upwards of 1,000 of the systems installed at airports around the world with significant bases in the US, the UK and Asia.

The company has been developing technologies for airborne protection, including Cabin Video Monitoring for cockpit door and cabin surveillance. The system is designed to provide video monitoring and can be enhanced to provide both crash-protected and non-crash protected recording as well as direct video downlink.

Source: Flight Daily News