Smiths Industries has announced that it is to acquire the actuation systems subsidiary of BAE Systems North America for $100 million. This follows the $175 million acquisition of the aerospace division of Invensys plc in January.

Chief executive Keith Butler-Wheelhouse says: "We are already among the world leaders in avionics and are now building a core business in systems outside the cockpit.

"We are adding to our activities in power distribution with the manufacture of associated sub-systems and equipment that control many vital functions.

"Both Actuation Systems and the business acquired from Invensys are at the forefront in the development of this control equipment for utility systems," he says.

The acquisition of Actuation Systems extends Smith Industries' control technologies into systems located throughout the aircraft. The company is a leading supplier of electrically-operated actuators that provide precise control for utility systems on commercial and defence aircraft and military land vehicles. It also has a large aftermarket support operation.

Source: Flight Daily News