SM-X demonstrator programme will draw on technology used for RRJ’s SaM146

The powerplant for a new Dassault Aviation business jet could be provided for the first time by France’s Snecma Moteurs, which has revealed plans to develop a new engine for business aircraft and smaller regional jets.

Dassault is expected to decide next year whether to launch a new super mid-sized business jet and has begun talking to potential industrial partners.

Snecma’s SM-X demonstrator programme is aimed at an eventual production engine producing 8,500-10,000lb (37.8-44.5kN) thrust and will draw on technology developed for the SaM146 turbofan under development with NPO Saturn for the Russian Regional Jet. Much of the high-pressure system technology for the SaM146 comes from the DEM-21 core demonstrator, which ran for the first time in 2005, and which will be applied again to the SM-X.

Snecma has in mind several potential airframe programmes in addition to the Dassault super mid-size business jet, although aircraft manufacturers will have to be won away from the established offerings from General Electric, Honeywell and Rolls-Royce.

Snecma’s claimed advantage is that it will be offering a new engine, whereas most of the rival powerplants are based on older designs.

The French company also has considerable experience with the successful CFMI International CFM56 – a 50:50 joint venture with General Electric – for which it is responsible for the low-pressure section, and with the military engines powering the Dassault range of combat aircraft.


Source: Flight International