Jetfly Aviation has ordered nine Socata TBM 700 single-engine turboprops for its fractional ownership programme, bringing to 11 the total TBM 700 fleet to be operated by the Luxembourg-based company. The deal marks the largest civilian order for the French manufacturer. "With more than 130 TBMs in service, production is sold out until 2002," Socata says.

Jetfly is believed to be the first fractional operator of TBM 700s. US-based CommandShare plans to start up a regional programme this year with pre-owned TBMs as well as Vulcan Air P68 piston twins.

The fledgling fractional ownership operator took delivery of its first TBM 700 last December and a second aircraft on 1 February. "We plan to take delivery of four aircraft this year and five in 2002," says Jetfly chairman Jacques Lemaigre Dubreuil. He says shares in the programme are selling quickly and the company is pondering additional orders: "Shares in the first two aircraft have already been sold out and we have generated enough interest in the programme to sell the remaining aircraft and more."

Dubreuil is also eyeing twin-engine aircraft, particularly jets, with a view to adding new types to the fleet "at some stage".

Unlike most European fractional programmes, Jetfly sells, rather than leases, fractions of its aircraft in eighth, quarter and half shares. Whole aircraft are also sold.

Source: Flight International