Performance engineering software aimed at aircraft and engine manufacturers as well as airlines has been put into full scale operation by launch customers Rolls-Royce and BMW Rolls-Royce.

Developed by Pace, a leading aerospace and information technology company, the software is known as Pacelab Mission and is used to assess airframe/engine performance with flight missions. Calculations are based on data supplied by engine manufacturers.

The software has been designed to be compatible with both UNIX and Windows 95, 98 and NT operating systems and provides links to common CAD programmes and databases.

Peter Johnston of Rolls-Royce Aircraft Projects says: "Together with Pace we developed a concept to replace our systems with single new tool operating in a Windows 95 environment. A major point for us was that the programme includes filters to import old data formats making sure there is a smooth transition when changing to a new tool."

Source: Flight Daily News